Our core business: high-quality malting barley.

Worldwide trading of malting barley.

In the area of beer and malt production, malting barley represents the most important raw material on a global basis. Within this market, Interbrau GmbH is an experienced trading partner for country merchants and cooperatives as well as for malt houses and other buyers.

Today, malting barley is cultivated in many regions around the world, whereby the climatic conditions must be ideal to ensure optimum quality. Interbrau has long-standing ties with producers in Europe's most important grain-producing countries – Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic – as well as worldwide with companies in Latin America, Australia and Canada.

For producers, we are a reliable and solvent purchaser of grain on attractive and competitive terms. Equally, we offer our customers – primarily malt houses – high-quality, inspected and subsequently thoroughly analyzed produce, while at the same time safeguarding prices for both parties.

This makes us an integral link in the value chain from malting barley through to beer, meaning that very few beers worldwide contain malting barley that we have not traded in.


Interbrau GmbH is both a trader and a service provider.

Interbrau GmbH is first and foremost a trading partner for elevators and processing companies. As a link in this chain, we bridge the spatial distance between production and consumption, providing our business partners with the necessary market liquidity to deal competitively with their customers and suppliers.

Interbrau GmbH thus performs a variety of functions, such as safeguarding prices and quality, transportation, storage, cargo handling, transshipment, insurance, customs clearance, financing and much more. Due to our longstanding cooperation with a variety of producers, we also have the means to ensure specific quality requirements and to offer customized products and solutions.


In safe hands: risk management with Interbrau GmbH.

We see it as one of our tasks to manage prices for our customers with long-term supply contracts, as, due to increasingly volatile prices in the commodity, seamless risk management is essential. Our worldwide trading portfolio and the activities of the Ameropa group within other areas of the grain business, as well as our longstanding experience mean that we can manage these risks successfully. Our modern software, which we have, for the most part, developed ourselves, allows us to anticipate all possible risks.

Quality management is our forte, and this fact, as well as our annual harvest monitoring activities enable us to reduce quality risk to a minimum and guarantee our customers a maximum of security.

Interbrau's certifications:
GMP+ B3 Code of Coceral Certification
Certificate valid until March, 17th, 2017
registered under: GMP014108
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